Padma Borrego




Healing Session 

  Sessions focus on nourishing the entire

energetic (subtle) system. The work allows for a rebalancing and unwinding of our nervous system, thus enabling healing physically, emotionally or mentally. A session consists of gentle hands on and hands off work.

Energy Healing 60 min $100


Structural Integration Sessions

Based on the work of Ida Rolf,  a session will assess the structural imbalances of your body. We free the dense and overworked areas and encourage the body to integrate the areas of weakness. Unwinding layers of compensation patterns, we guide the body back to a more efficient expression of itself.  

Please wear modest underwear and for women a bra that allows access to the spine.


Single Session

 Focus on an injury or area of limited function as well as an introduction to Structural Integration e.g. hip, feet, shoulder, neck, head, jaw etc 

Three Series

 A general body balance series with time for some specific focus.

1. shoulder girdle and arms

2. pelvic girdle and legs

 3. spine and neck.

10/12 Series 

 A series to balance the whole body, three main focuses; superficial movement patterns, postural movement patterns, and marriage of postural and movement tissues to support whole body efficiency.


All work is specific to the persons need as well as addressing unweaving layers of patterns until they make sense to the persons body. If gentle touch is needed please feel free to discuss that with me. 


SALE 10% on Three series which can unfold into a ten series if needed. 

Scheduling available online

payment accepted at appt only. 

(631)- 278-1406



Julie Lefmann






Hawaiian Lomilomi

An ancient Hawaiian massage, patterned after the rhythms of the ocean. Lomilomi is a nurturing, flowing, gentle but invigorating “massage hula” done with lots of forearm work and long, continuous strokes.



This classic method soothes sore muscles, while leaving the client relaxed.


Deep Tissue

An intense massage to specific areas that store chronic pain and tension. Can reduce pain, inflammation, and spasms, and can be combined with Swedish.

*Extra $10 for deep tissue massage


Prenatal  Massage

The side-lying technique uses pillows & a wedge to make sure that mothers-to-be are comfortable. This massage helps relieve discomfort related to pregnancy. It also aids in facilitating transitions through support and physical nurturing, while fostering maternal touch. 

*Extra $10 for side-lying massage

Postpartum Massage

New mothers need and deserve massage so much! Self-care is very important during this special time. Mothers who have had a Cesarean delivery will need to wait 2 weeks post-delivery to have a massage, & then will use the side-lying position until 6 weeks postpartum. 

Induction Massage

Mothers-to-be that are at least 38 weeks pregnant may try to naturally encourage their baby to come using acupressure (fingers not needles!) along with their massage. 



 Reiki, pronounced “ray-key,” is a Japanese word that means “universal life force energy.” Hands are placed in various positions on the body to transmit this energy and allow the body to heal itself. Reiki can be combined with any other massage, and is a great way to rebalance and energize ourselves. Trained by Reiki Master Chelsea VanKoughnett, The Reiki Alliance.


60 min: $95 

 3 pack for $270  

5 pack for $428

90 min: $135 single

 3 pack for $385

 5 pack for $608


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