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Leah MacCarter

INTEGRATE Instructor

Balanced Body 

Leah is a dedicated Pilates instructor who’s strong focus on alignment and technique combined with athletic pilates programming will help you achieve your fitness and functional goals, all while ensuring you have a great time! Drawing inspiration from her own experience in the Pilates studio, dance hall, Cross-fit gym, and running trail, Leah aims help you learn how to integrate the movement and body awareness you feel in class into your everyday activities outside the studio. She completed her comprehensive Pilates training through Balance Body at Agile Monkey in 2019. Since receiving her certification she has taught reformer and mat classes, as well as one-to-one sessions.
When Leah is not teaching, she enjoys staying active, petting other people's dogs, and daydreaming about her next travel adventure. As a world traveler, she’s been fortunate to explore Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba, Germany and Kenya. She once traveled from Patagonia to Cancun by bus, and even made a detour to the Galapagos. She hopes to have her own dog ( a Wheaten Terrier) in the future. She is going to name it Targhee after the mountain range in her home state of Wyoming.

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