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EDUCATE Instructor

National Pilates Certification Program

Occupational therapist, Certified hand therapist

Over the past ten years, Meg has diversified her skillset in rehabilitation ranging from hand and upper extremity rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation including certification in LSVT BIG therapy (amplitude-based exercise protocol for individuals with Parkinson’s disease), completion of certification coursework for kinesio taping method, and certification through TPI (assessment of body function as it pertains to the golf swing) all of which complements the mindful movement practices of pilates. As a Pilates instructor, she hopes to support wellness in the community via functional fitness, injury prevention, and providing support transitioning from outpatient rehabilitation therapies to community-based fitness. She has a personal interest in helping golfers and those participating in racket sports unlock their biomechanical potential through the  application of functional movement assessment and TPI training. Outside the studio Meg enjoys walking the beach, hiking in Big Sur, and cycling.

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