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Monthly Membership Terms & Conditions

  • The monthly Reformer Membership plan allows attendance to 4, 8, 12, or 16 classes in a month.

  • Classes do not rollover.

  • Memberships can be increased at any time.

  • Purchase of a Class Pass or Single class is required when all classes are used in a month with month with 5 weeks.

  • A 12 hour cancellation for class attendance is required via the Pike 13 app or logging in here

  • Please do not cancel attendance by email or phone call.

  • Members have access to ongoing enrollment. 

  • Members must contact studio to discontinue ongoing enrollment.

  • Auto renewal is charged each month on the date first purchased.

  • 30 day notice by phone or email required for membership cancellation.

  • Renewal date/remaining visits can be viewed on Pike13app.

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