- The Outdoor Studio is located in Live Oak near pleasure point. 

The address will be e-mailed upon booking your session

- Details for parking will be included in the e-mail

- Outdoor heaters are available but please bring warm layers


Click the 3 line icon in top left corner

of the Monarch Pilates App homepage


Choose Outdoor studio, click next and follow prompts to continue booking

What about the weather?

We will enjoy the beautiful winter days and adjust as needed for wind or rain. Heat dishes provide warmth while shade sails protect from direct sunlight.

What is the inside option?

Along with the Outdoor Studio is an open air indoor studio. Multiple doors and windows along with air purifiers create a covered option for your practice.


What if it's too cold to do my session?

If state restrictions or personal preference prevent you from the open air inside option, you can reschedule your session or maintain your practice with a zoom session.

What is the advantage of opting for a zoom session?

Consistency is key to maintaining your strength and reaching your goals. While minor symptoms or weather may prevent  an in person session, it does not have to stop you from enjoying your workout. Prepare prior to a zoom session by discussing with your teacher what props you have at home. Please inform your teacher if you are new to zoom so we can teach you how to easily navigate your lesson.

How to book using the Monarch Pilates App

Important info


What is the cancellation policy?

As a standard policy a 24 hour cancellation is required. In light of Covid-19 exceptions are necessary. We ask you to be considerate of your teacher and avoid a late cancel for anything other than symptoms of illness.