What is Medical Therapeutic Yoga? 

    Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a training program uniquely designed for healthcare practitioners to combine philosophies of both Eastern and Western medicine through the prescription of yoga, meditation & mindfulness, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. MTY providers hope to marry the time-tested traditions of yoga with a foundation in evidence-based healthcare. This opportunity can be adapted to serve people of all ages and health conditions, but is most highly recommended for those seeking to approach their health holistically by addressing not only their physical body, but the intellectual, energetic, psycho-emotional, and spiritual realms of their health. 


What are the benefits of opting for Physical Therapy outside of my health insurance network?

    There are many benefits to choosing care outside the umbrella of traditional health insurance. Some of these include: 

  • Longer visits (70 minute evaluation, 55 minute follow-up)

  • Un-interrupted 1-on-1 time with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

      -    Treatment of the body as WHOLE (not limited to a single injury or region of the body)

      -    Direct line of communication with your therapist for scheduling and follow-up guidance

      -    Consistent access to the same therapist for every visit 

      -    Holistic and patient-centered approach where the patient is encouraged to be an active participant in choosing what goals they pursue and creating the path to reach them 


How do I know if this is the right fit for me? 

This may be the right option for clients/patients who have: 

  • Have complex or chronic conditions that cannot be fully met by the traditional healthcare model

  • Need longer-term management, maintenance & support

  • Seek a more comprehensive or holistic plan for healing that incorporates Pilates, yoga, health coaching and lifestyle medicine 

  • Have not had success in a traditional healthcare model  


Will my insurance cover my visit? 

 Dr. Foster is an out of-network health insurance provider. Payment is due upon treatment. Some insurance plans will provide partial reimbursement for out-of-network providers retroactively. 


Your health insurance provider can inform you prior to your appointment about your personal coverage. Click here for information to provide your  insurance provider. 

Physical Therapy Package Options: 

  1. Physical Therapy Evaluation: $180 for 70 minutes

  2. Single Follow Up Appointment: $120 for 50 minutes 

  3. 4-Pack Follow Up Appointments: $460 (each 50 minutes) 

  4. Telehealth Follow Up: $120 for 50 minutes 

  5. Telehealth “Check-In”: $75 for 30 minutes 

       *includes comprehensive follow-up email that summarizes the assessment findings, plan of care, therapy goals, and opportunity for Q & A. 


What is Pilates-based Physical Therapy?

        Pilates-based Physical Therapy is a blend of Pilates principles and equipment with evidence-based approach to rehabilitation. Pilates is a form of mindful movement and neuro-muscular reeducation. The concepts of Pilates are based in core muscle training, posture, breath control, and maintaining a balance of flexibility and stability. In addition, Pilates equipment can be used to enhance a person’s movement experience to help them connect to their bodies in a variety of new & creative ways. The goal of Pilates-based physical therapy is to combine the principles of Pilates and versatility of Pilates equipment with the trained skills of a physical therapist.