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The Plan: About Us


“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”  Joseph Pilates


Private lessons at Monarch Pilates are designed to help you meet your personal goals. Each teacher brings a unique set of skills combined with a passion for teaching healthy movement.

Prices are based on  each teachers' experience

and continuing education.

Begin with an PILATES Assessment or call the studio to discuss the best private lesson service for you.


The PILATES Assessment is a 50 minute evaluation and introduction session with Monarch Pilate's owner Sandy Novembre.  You will learn how to correctly use your core,  modifications specific for your body and postural cues. At the end of the assessment you will discuss a  program design with suggestions for which instructor, class or service will help you meet your personal goals.    

SCOLIOSIS ASSESSMENT also available. Book here. 


4 pass/ $400

An ALIGN session is a 50 minute private pilates lesson with specific hands on assistance designed to improve alignment in movement with a focus on changing patterns that cause pain or injury.  ALIGN sessions are available to ongoing clients. New clients should book a PILATES ASSESSMENT if interested in working with Sandy. 

ALIGN Teacher- Sandy Novembre

An EDUCATE session is a 50 minute private lesson taught by our instructors with advanced experience and continuing education. These sessions focus on educating you about your body in preparation for a thorough Pilates experience. The teachers specialize in recognizing the movement patterns that may contribute to strain and injury and communicating how to change them.

An EDUCATE lesson is recommended If you struggle with Low Back Pain- Shoulder Injuries -Pelvic or S.I. Joint Instability- Knee pain -Herniated Disc -Stenosis/Spondylolisthesis.

EDUCATE Teachers- Laura Ely & Meg Kelly

Single visit $100

4 pass/ $375

An INTEGRATE lesson is taught by an instructor with up to 10 years of experience. Private and duo sessions are available. Each INTEGRATE teacher offers a safe, challenging and unique workout. The instructors are comprehensively trained, have specialized continuing education and years of personal practice. You will receive compassionate and educated instruction. The sessions create lasting change through repetition of intelligent movement.

INTEGRATE Teachers- Megan Adney, Jessica Golomb,

& Leah MacCarter

Single visit $80

4 pass/ $300

REFORMER session is a 50 minute private lesson on the reformer only. You will learn the skills needed to excel on the reformer. These sessions are great for working one-on-one with a knowledgeable instructor to help make adjustments for your body that will improve your experience in any of our reformer group classes. 

REFORMER Teacher- Lisa Brenner 

Single visit $80

4 pass/ $300

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