We provide a variety of services to help women through their journey of pregnancy and beyond. Physical Therapy & Pilates for prenatal and postpartum assist with pregnancy comfort, ease of delivery and a resilient postpartum renewal.  Understanding body awareness and alignment are an essential part of strengthening and for safely working with a Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor health.  We are passionate about helping women to enjoy this precious time in their life and empower them to enjoy parenthood with confidence in their strength. 

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Pre/Postpartum Assessment Combo Pass


Includes one 50 minute assessment with REPAIR  Women's health P.T. Amelia Foster &

one 50 minute exercise evaluation with EDUCATE Pilates instructor.

Receive individual hands on treatment to address common pelvic health concerns and Diastasis Recti.

Learn how to safely strengthen specifically for the needs of your body.

Physical Therapy Evaluation


One 70 minute one on one session with a REPAIR  physical therapist. Receive post evaluation email with exercises for recovery.

Pilates for Prenatal &  Postpartum


One 50 minute one on one session with an EDUCATE Pilates instructor. Prenatal Pilates will help support your body throughout your pregnancy, prepare you for labor and improve your recovery postpartum. Postpartum pilates gives you an edge on regaining your strength. Alignment and form are key to regaining strength safely and efficiently.

Call to schedule or Book your Pre/post P.T. assessment online 

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