Learn more about RESTORE  instructor Jenna Page

RESTORE sessions are a 65 or 80 minute session taught by instructors with a complimentary training. They integrate  focused bodywork followed by Pilates. RESTORE sessions enhance your progression and help you to meet your goals. The bodywork combined with a Pilates session allow you to better re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain, restore musculoskeletal function and increase strength.


RESTORE -Henrickson/Pilates

The Henrickson method is a relaxing and effective form of bodywork that provides relief from acute or chronic pain.  The combination of joint mobilization, soft tissue massage and muscle activation empower you to become engaged in your body. 

1   65 MINUTE RESTORE Session  $125
4  65 MINUTE RESTORE Pass      $480


1   80 MINUTE RESTORE Session  $180
4  80 MINUTE RESTORE Pass      $620