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Who is Pilates good for? EVERYONE!  While there are many sport and injury specific classes available, we prefer to put our focus to your body, your alignment, and your goals. Every lesson and class is taught in a fashion that allows you to recreate your movement. We understand injury or strain caused by pelvic instability, back pain, shoulder concerns and more. Our comprehensive approach to movement education will assure that you get the most out of your workout. Whether you are a surfer, golfer, mom, elite athlete or recently sedentary, we welcome you and congratulate you for taking the first step towards better health.


Since 2004, Sandy Novembre has been my Pilates teacher. Pilates has saved my life. At the time I began I was able to walk only short distances and had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Through regular weekly sessions Sandy has helped me over these years to become more flexible, stronger and I can now walk for a couple of miles at a time! The tide of osteoporosis has been stemmed and I am still fairly flexible and functioning better than I have for many years, at almost 73 years old. My gratitude is boundless for Pilates, for Sandy and the other teachers who I have worked with, especially Laura Ely. -Joya

I discovered Pilates in 2003 while on vacation. I took a fabulous mat class and was intrigued. I've never been a hard-core athletic type, but I am interested in being strong and fit. I found Sandy at the beginning of her career and have been with her and the evolution of Monarch Pilates ever since.  Pilates has made me strong in ways that help with daily life. I believe most people don't think of their fitness regime as a path to make life easier as you age, but Pilates does just that. I had minor past injuries that weren't taken care of at the time and through body work, (Rolfing, osteopathy and acupuncture), combined with an ongoing commitment to Pilates, I feel much stronger, straighter and leaner than I did almost 17 years ago. I'll never stop, it's my healthy addiction! -Lynn


I started Pilates in fall 2003. Following an injury that ended 25+ years of playing in 2000, I spent a number of years seeking a healthy replacement activity (for example, yoga did not work for me).   Happily for me, Sandy was a newly minted teacher, and working at my athletic club.  I did drop-in Pilates with Sandy for about a year, and in August 2004 started private lessons with her;  I have continued since then. I had total shoulder replacements in 2012 and 2015, a fusion of my right toe to the foot (MTP fusion) in 2017, and total knee replacements in 2018 and 2019.  Each time, I got back to Pilates as soon as could, because it is terrific therapy. (Pilates invented the equipment to help soldiers recover during WWI.). I travel quite a bit for work, and until about 2012 always tried to find a private Pilates lesson when I traveled (after that, I mainly worked out by myself). Without doubt, Sandy is one of the absolute best teachers of Pilates whom I have ever encountered.  I have also done workouts with some of the other teachers at the studio; Sandy has assembled a terrific staff. You’ll not find a better place than Monarch Pilates. - Marc

I’ve been getting help from Sandy for 14 years. I first started seeing her for a shoulder injury from playing volleyball and since then I’ve been on a tremendous journey learning about my body.  Pilates has become my go to method for help with back pain and reversing the effects of working a 40 hour work week behind a desk.  Sandy’s knowledge of the body is incredible.  I’m always learning something new and getting insights into how the body moves. The work I’ve done in the studio and the things I’ve learned have helped me maintain an active lifestyle and compete in volleyball at a high level.  Whether it’s working on a specific goal in my sport, or recovering from injuries to do movements without pain, Pilates has been a key part of my success.  Anyone can benefit from Pilates! Pilates is for everyone! -Brice


I started Pilates 14 years ago following surgery for my lower back herniated disc.  Although I haven't re-experienced that pain for many years I still attend my weekly schedule with Sandy and Monarch Pilates.  I can't stress enough how my pilates regimen has improved my flexibility, strength and balance.  And...I surf better! -Richard

I've struggled with back pain off and on since high school when I herniated a disc while golfing on my high school team. However, 4 years ago, I began a journey of significant pain and long stretches of seeming hopelessness that led me on a long road searching for relief and healing.  It all started seemingly randomly 1 day when I couldn’t stand up straight. I felt numerous pains throughout my lower back and hip that got progressively worse and left me pretty debilitated. At my lowest point, there was literally almost no movement that I could do without considerable pain. Lying on the floor was my life. I’ve been to 6 different doctors with various X-Rays and 2 MRIs. I’ve had a cortisone shot in my spine. I’ve seen 2 different chiropractors. I’ve tried osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, and various anti-inflammatory drugs. I’ve also seen 8 different physical therapists.  At the recommendation of my wife, I also tried Pilates. From the very beginning, Sandy and her amazing team pointed to some alignment issues on the side of my body where I was experiencing pain and worked on re-training my brain into breaking some of my bad movement patterns. She then recommended that I start working with Amelia to repair the damage that I had done to my body through this misalignment. All along this journey, I felt like my back pain was originating from my hip. However, due to my back history and MRIs, all the doctors previously wanted to blame my spine for all of my issues. Amelia actually concurred with me. After my first appointment, I sent her my MRI reports and she reviewed them and sent me a detailed write up of her assessment and plan for healing. She was spot on in describing how I was feeling. She was the first person that had done this! After working with her for several months, I have been progressively getting better and am actually feeling better than I did before this all started. Of course, I now realize that I can still get even better.  “All” I can say is that I now have my life back. I can play with my 3 kids again. I can run around after them and even jump on the trampoline with them. I am no longer the guy lying on the ground in pain that they just feel sorry for. There is really nothing I can say or do to truly show my gratitude for all that Amelia and Sandy and everyone at Monarch Pilates has done for me. I am forever grateful to them. -Scott


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