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Women's Wellness Mat is back!
PostPartum Pilates and Beyond
 Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor & Ribcage integration
Tuesdays 9:30

 *Props and private assessment recommended prior to joining virtually.


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Our Mission is to teach you:

How you can improve your alignment & movement

How to strengthen with confidence

How to improve your physical longevity


We do this by establishing integrity in your fitness habits - changing  movement patterns that contribute to strain - - offering bodywork to enhance improvement - teaching you to have a high level of awareness.

Movement Matters and intelligent movement makes a difference. 


At Monarch Pilates  you will learn to understand your body, heal and avoid injuries,  become stronger without compromise, and thrive in your daily life. Together we empower you to be in charge of your body, strength and well being. Whether you are looking for the right fitness program, how to workout despite having an injury, wondering what’s next after Physical Therapy or looking for an all encompassing Physical Therapy experience our  studio is here for you.

Come as you are, but plan to never be the same.

FAQ Pilates - Physical Therapy


A new student to Pilates will often ask, "How do I get to where I want to be physically? What is the plan?" At Monarch Pilates we answer this question with a talented team who will  help you achieve your best. When you understand your body's movement patterns, know how to manage them, and strengthen intelligently anything is possible. You may choose from one our all of our services.  Our team works together to help you meet your goals.


REPAIR with Physical Therapy 

EDUCATE your self about your body through private pilates

INTEGRATE the changes you learn with on going private pilates

RESTORE your movement with bodywork/pilates combination

SUSTAIN your change with repetition in group classes

EVOLVE efficiently with Rolfing and Cranial Sacral




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