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Intro to Reformer Pilates

March 2nd
April 6th

Strengthen with Confidence

We focus on alignment, posture and awareness of movement

    with the goal to move with intentional movement and dynamic control.

    The outcome is increased confidence and ownership of your strength and wellness.

Welcome to Monarch Pilates

Monarch Pilates is also home to an incredible array of
body workers who work in our treatment room:

Amelia Foster
Physical Therapy


Sessions will incorporate neuromuscular re-training, skilled manual therapy, core strengthening, postural control, and in-depth education of your individual anatomy and physiology

Padma Borrego Integrative Bodywork


If you are struggling with any of these, let't get you out of discomfort and into ease: pain, movement limitations, injury or surgery recovery, feeling out of alignment, needing support finding inner/outer balance.


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