Pilates is about body control. Change occurs when you understand your movement and how to make it better. All of our teachers, classes, and services provide a cohesive learning experience. We design the plan that is correct for your body.  If you have concerns about injuries, acute pain or need hands on manipulations it is recommended you schedule a


If you don't an acute injury but are concerned about past injuries and how they may impact your strength and alignment schedule a


If you do not have an acute injury and are curious about how Pilates can help you, schedule a

INTEGRATE Private Session 


It is recommended but not required to begin Pilates with a private session. The more you understand about your body's movement strategies, the more benefit you will get out of the group classes. 

 Join a live virtual mat class or subscribe to the Home Class monthly membership.




~ Grip socks are required 

~ Wear clothes that are comfortable for movement 

~ form fitting clothing is preferred but not required.


~ Silence your cell phones

~ Please avoid perfumes and scented lotions.

Cancellation Policy

~ We require a 24 hr cancellation policy for all individual sessions.

~ Full payment is charged upon late cancel.

~ Full payment for Mat class No-show will be applied.

~ Use Wellness Living software or the Monarch Pilates App to reschedule or cancel lessons.

~ If cancelling less than 24 hrs you must contact your teacher directly.

Return Policy

~ All service related sales are final. 


All passes are  good for 4 sessions

Passes expire after 1 year.

If you have questions or concerns about how to begin

e-mail info@monarchpilates.com

or call 831-475-8994

We are happy to discuss the best plan for you