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Monthly Reformer Membership HOLD Policy

  • A HOLD can be implemented when a client will be out of town or will not be able to attend pilates for another reason (surgery, injury, birth, etc.) for at least 2 weeks up to 2 months.

  • Members can use the HOLD option if they have been in good membership standing for at least 3 months. 

  • A monthly Membership plan can be placed on HOLD up to 2 times/year. 

  • It is up to Monarch’s discretion to decide whether a membership will be placed on HOLD, or if the client will need to end their current membership and start a new one upon returning within the parameters of our 30 day cancellation policy. 

  • When a Membership is placed on HOLD, depending on the situation, it will either be set to reactivate on a specific date (in the case of a vacation), or as “indefinite” if needed for the nature of the hold (surgery, recovery, injury, etc.). If an indefinite hold needs to extend beyond 2 months, we will reassess if cancellation is more appropriate.

  • When the HOLD is lifted, the client’s monthly Membership auto renewal billing date does not change. However, our system Pike13 will prorate any classes not used between the HOLD being lifted and the next renewal date on your bill to make up for lost visits due to the HOLD. Payments will return to normal price and date for all following billing cycles. The system runs the memberships on a 30 day cycle. The front desk can break down the exact math of your hold prorating if requested. 

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