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ALIGN Instructor

Polestar Pilates

  • Musculo-skeletal injury prevention

  • Post Rehabilitation & strengthening

  • Pelvic instability education 

  • Posture and alignment training

Sandy K. Novembre is a Polestar trained instructor and owner of Monarch Pilates Studio. She has been teaching Pilates since 2003. Her Pilates experience began in 1998 when she injured her back playing collegiate volleyball. She was introduced to Pilates at the Center for Dance and Sports medicine at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco. She used Pilates to rehabilitate from surgery for a herniated disc. In 2002 she moved to Santa Cruz… to settle somewhere beautiful. She began her Polestar training and mentorship with Sherri Betz at TheraPilates. Through her training, she was able to understand the cause of her injury and change her alignment.  As a dancer and athlete, Sandy values the importance of correcting the imbalances in one’s body. She completed the Level two Yamuna Body Rolling Certification, the Cypress Health Institute Massage training and taught for Polestar Education. She uses her hands on skills and understanding of movement to guide her clients into new alignment and strength. In 2006 she married Pete and had two daughters.  She found Pilates essential for pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery. In 2017, after 10 years of teaching in her quaint home studio, she opened the new Monarch Pilates location. Sandy has returned to her love of Dance as well as finding a new joy in running and yoga. She feels the strength and alignment discovered in Pilates empowers us to take charge of our physical well being. Teaching others to find this power is a  joy she cherishes each day. Sandy's vision of Monarch Pilates continues to grow. At the heart is a warm and welcoming studio comprised of talented and compassionate teachers. Each teacher brings their unique set of knowledge and passion. Working together they create a place where one can embrace their movement needs to heal, strengthen and thrive!

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