“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”  Joseph Pilates

REPAIR session begins with a 75 minute evaluation with Physical Therapist Amelia Foster.  Dr. Amelia Foster blends Pilates, Yoga & Physical Therapy to bring a unique set of skills to your healing. Sessions will incorporate neuromuscular re-training, skilled manual therapy, core and postural control, and in-depth education in your individual anatomy and physiology.

An EDUCATE session is a 50 minute assessment and private lesson taught by the most senior instructors. These sessions focus on educating you about your body in preparation for a thorough Pilates experience. The teachers specialize in recognizing the movement patterns that may contribute to strain and injury and communicating how to change them.

An EDUCATE lesson is most recommended If you struggle with Low Back Pain- Shoulder Injuries -Pelvic or S.I. Joint Instability- Knee pain -Herniated Disc -Stenosis/Spondylothesis. After an Evaluation and Introduction to Pilates, your teacher will suggest the best path for you. Recommendations can be to continue with EDUCATE lessons for a stated period or progress to INTEGRATE and SUSTAIN Group classes.

An INTEGRATE session is a 50 minute  private lesson.  Our highly trained instructors bring knowledge, patience, compassion and creativity to each individually designed workout. These sessions focus on integrating movement awareness into your strengthening routine. The workout will utilize all Pilates apparatus and the appropriate props and modifications for your body. 

INTEGRATE private lessons are recommended for anyone eager  to move with ease while gaining strength and flexibility. 

A SUSTAIN session is a 50 minute group class. The strength and knowledge you build in Pilates, is like any other muscle that must be nutured. The group class schedule provides a supplement to your Private program, an entry into a Pilates practice, or variety to your workout. 

An EVOLVE session is a Rolfing (Structural Integration) or Cranial Sacral session.  Bring deeper  attention to muscle release and alignment through bodywork that accelerates the path to wellness and strength.